memory screened. ricky oyola.

In the February ’10 issue of Skateboarder i had a memory screened article where I had to choose my 5 favorite pro models that I have had. Honestly, they were not my actual top 5, some of them were but I wanted ones that had a story behind it. My faces of the globe graphic was definitely not in my top 5 but it had a story behind it so I thought it was interesting. Who cares what I like, it’s about the story, the meaning. Yeah, I like that one, cool. Next. Wow, that was some interesting shit.

The Hydrant board is a classic, the Rocky board is a Traffic staple and the Love board was my first. You always remember your first anything. Plus that board came with a tattoo. The Illuminati board with Mr. Hawk’s signature, priceless.

I almost consider Traffic logo boards my pro boards so with that the Mummers and MOVE boards were two of my tops for sure.

Mike Stein who created the Rocky board, had some great Philly history stuff going on a couple years back.



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